How I Got Into Music – Part 1

As promised in my first post, From bunking off music classes to being in a band, I will share my story on how I got interested in music, how I started playing the guitar, and how I took up playing drums eventually. Who cares? Those who might have got through similar stages may resonate with it, my hateful friends.

My former flatmates (i.e. parents) are staying at mine for a week, so what would be a better time for nostalgia and teenage narratives?

My relationship with the guitar in the early years

My relationship with the guitar in my childhood was pretty much the same as that of a grandmother with an MG-42: one knows it exists, by a very vague term, does certain things, some people use it, but can’t be bothered to ask how it works. Basically, it was just a hollow piece of wood that one would hold with both hands, which sometimes move, and eventually would make a sound. Slingshots, poking dead animals with sticks, and throwing squashed frogs at girls was far more interesting back then.

I can’t say I was completely oblivious to music, as I enjoyed the fake American country music of Rednex and later on, the kingly pop of Michael Jackson, who turned my world upside-down, as I couldn’t figure out his gender. Therefore, as a heavy consumer of Swedish eurodance and moontrampling pop, with a tiny microphone attached to the singer’s cheek at the most, I probably associated music more to singing and dancing, than to bands and instruments. As a side note, Rednex apparently pushed me into having a cowboy period, but that’s another story, as well as the Batman one.

Rednex video recording in Berlin 2015-12-31.jpg

Later, in First Grade, the teacher brought a guitar to school. That’s when I felt the first grain of interest, but more from a gadget point of view rather than a musical one. Then she played us something about ducks counting and laying eggs.

In the next blog post I’ll talk about how I became more interested in music and how I got into listening to specific genres.

Sebs / Useless Cities

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